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Press Release

The GreenToken Public Offering initiated by WPO, which was conducted from 8th September to 12th November, 2020, is now closed. At the end of the Public Offering, in conformity with the Information Document, the Auditor has certified the amount effectively raised in Euros and WPO announces that the soft cap has not been reached.

The GreenToken Public Offering has received subscriptions from nearly fifteen different countries. This interest, although insufficient, reinforces WPO's conviction that accelerating the Energy Transition will require the involvement of all. WPO remains convinced of the importance of digitalization in accelerating the Energy Transition and will continue to work towards this goal.

In compliance with the Information Document for the GreenToken Public Offering, the WPO Directorate and the GreenToken Investment Committee, in the person of its Chair, will proceed with the due diligence required for the repayment of the funds to subscribers of the Public Offering.

This repayment will be effective within a maximum of sixty (60) working days from the date of the Auditor's certificate on 13th November 2020.

Terms and conditions of repayment to subscribers

(From the Information Document Part 7 – section 2.6 page 94)

Throughout the subscription period, a subscribers' register has been kept by the manager of the EQUISAFE subscription platform. A register of payments in euros was kept by LEMON WAY and a register of digital assets (bitcoins and ethers) by COINHOUSE.

Subscribers will be fully reimbursed the amount of their subscription:
-  For payments in euros, LEMON WAY will return the amount 
subscribed to each subscriber according to the means of payment used at the time of subscription (credit card used for payment or transfer to the account of origin of the transfer).
-  For payments in digital assets (bitcoins, ethers), COINHOUSE will return the net digital assets received in its escrow accounts to the address where the transfer is sent.
-  WPO bears the costs of escrow and transfer (money-out). However, the subscriber remains responsible for all applicable fees and commissions, if any, charged by its own custodian or brokerage providers, etc., as well as for the fees and commissions charged by the subscriber's bank.

Subscribers will receive in the next few days an e-mail informing them of the refund terms and conditions described above. Refunds will be implemented for all subscribers, without any necessary action on their part. Nevertheless, subscribers who have paid by bank transfer will be invited by e-mail to transmit the bank details of the account that initiated the transfer.

To learn more, visit the dedicated pages and download the Information Document at:

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The project

Launched by WPO and used within the GreenToken Network, the GreenToken project aims at creating the conditions for trust required to optimise the renewable energy sector thanks to Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain). The GreenToken Public Offering has begun on 8th September and will end on 12th November 2020.

Founded in 2008, WPO is a leader in independent asset management and associated specialized services for wind and solar power in Europe. The company services over 600 wind farms and solar parks in 12 European countries and overseas.

WPO’s GreenToken Public Offering is the first public token offering (or ICO) in the energy sector to be approved by an independent financial authority.

For further information, please kindly refer to the AMF-approved Information Document.

Download the Information Document


The public offering has started the 8 September 2020
Closing of the public offering on November 12, 2020 GreenToken listing on : December 1st, 2020

Investment terms

Token Name GreenToken
Legal Token Definition GreenTokens are digital assets, qualified as Utility Tokens, as per Article L.54-10-1 of the French Financial & Monetary Code
Token Code GTK
Token Technology ERC-20 on Ethereum
Legal Authorisation ICO approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (“AMF”) under AMF Visa Number #ICO.20-189
Soft-Cap € 1,500,000
Target € 5,000,000
Hard-Cap € 10,000,000
Start Date 08/09/2020
End Date 12/11/2020
Accepted Currencies EUR, BTC, ETH
Token Purchase Price € 0.95 per GreenToken
Minimum Token Purchase Amount € 100
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Barthélémy ROUER
President & Founder
Duncan LEVIE
Managing Director & Founder
Alexandre BERTRAND
Managing Director, Digitalization & Data
Director of Human Ressources
Information Systems Director
Delphine HUBAS
Health, Environment & Quality Director
Christophe CUZOL
Operations Director
Chief Financial Officer

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Visa on a public offering of tokens

Pursuant to Article L. 552-5 of the Monetary and Financial Code and the General Regulation of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers ('AMF'), in particular Article 712-9, the AMF has approved this document under the number n° ICO.20-189 dated 12/05/2020 and valid until 12/11/2020. This document has been drawn up by the issuer and entails the liability of its signatories. The approval has been granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 712-1 of the AMF General Regulation after verification by the AMF that the information document is complete and comprehensible.

The approval does not imply that the AMF has approved the appropriateness of the issuer’s project or authenticated the financial, accounting and technical information presented.

Moreover, the AMF has not carried out any verification of the smart contracts linked to the offering and has not verified whether these smart contracts are adequate in relation to the content of the information document.

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